CFP/IFP Certification Recognition Night (MWRN) 2023
Max Wealth Education Sdn Bhd strongly believed that a dedicated financial planner has the high capabilities in providing holistic financial planning services to the clientele in the industry. Hence, to cultivate the CFP / IFP professionals has been always the long term goals for us.

Max Wealth Recognition Night (MWRN) is the first ever event to recognize the hard work of yours during the learning journey and not forgetting to celebrate this precious moment together with your peers and friends. This recognition night will provide you with a high exposure to all Malaysian in need of your service and expertise.




6pm - 11pm


Royale Chulan Damansara

Why Join MWRN

Get the recognition you truly believe

MWRN is here to celebrate and recognize your commitment for going above and beyond in the financial planning industry

Put a spotlight on your experience in the financial industries

Magnify your client-centric service with the CFP/IFP certification program and level-up your skills to drive the industry

Differentiate yourself from the competitive market place

Being recognized as the all rounded financial professional and take your business to the new greater heights

Speech by Members

Dr. Joshua Ling
Nur Elaine Aisyah
Suet Ting
Ng Chiew Yen
Leon Lee
Kenson Cheong
Wong Choon Hong
Ject Ng
Jason Ch ng
Joyce Tan

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