CFP CERT TM Certification Program Payment & Refund Policy

(A) Payment of Fees

      1. All fees must be paid in full on or before the commencement date of the course. A late payment penalty charge of 5% will be imposed on ALL late payment.
      2. Learning members will be barred from attending classes and/or exams if fees remain unpaid.

(B) Refund of Fees

      1. All fees paid are NOT refundable unless the course does not commerce or the candidate’s application is rejected by Max Wealth Education Sdn Bhd. Once the course commenced, the course fee is considered fully consumed.
      2. All withdrawals must be in writing at least 5 working days prior to the commencement date or full refund, penalty fee of RM200 will apply. Once the course has commenced, if candidate wishes to withdraw, he/she must write in within 10 working days from the commencement date of the course, only 50% of course fee will be refunded less penalty fee of RM200. Strictly no refund for ‘No Show’ or withdrawal after 10 working days from the commencement date.

All withdrawals are subject to a penalty fee of RM200 per module. Candidates are advised to contact Max Wealth Education Sdn Bhd staff in writing as soon as the situation for withdrawal arises, stating reason for withdrawal. Proof may be required.