1. I do not have a university degree, can I study CFP?

Yes, if you are a SPM or diploma holder and comes with at least 5 years of finance related working experience at the time of enrollment, you may opt for taking Prior Learning Recognition Assessment (PLRA) to gain entry into CFP programme

2. How long it takes to complete the whole CFP course?

CFP Exam is available in March, June, September and December every year. For full certification programme, it will take around 1 to 1.5 years to complete the whole course.

3. What will I learn in this CFP course?

We have a detail course outline for each module in our course profile, kindly refer to “Course Outline” section.

4. Where will the CFP classes conducted at?

At the moment, we are conducting the CFP classes through online. The online class schedule is available at

5. Which days do the CFP classes conduct?

The CFP online classes are conduct live on Saturday and Sunday. You can refer to “schedule” to get the dates for each module classes. The online classes with recording after classes will also enable students to have more flexibility in learning based own schedule.

6. Is the fee including exam fee and membership fee?

Exam fee and membership fee are pay separately to FPAM, we as education provider only collect course fee.

7. My job and works are not related to finance, can I study CFP?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to study this course to get a boost in your financial literacy!

8. I have attended RFP module 1 and module 2 when I served as an insurance agent, can I be exempted from CFP module 1 and 2?

No, only candidates with degree and full RFP can be exempted from CFP module 1 and 2.

9. I have FiMM Unit Trust certificate, can I apply for module 1 exemption?

Yes, you can, provided your Unit Trust license status is active during the time of application. If you have PRS license, you can also apply for module 1 exemption.

10. What is Challenge Status?

Only Malaysians who possess the following qualifications or professional credentials with 3 years relevant work experience in personal finance* are eligible to apply. Exemption is for Modules 1 to 3 of the certification. Applicants are allowed only 3 consecutive attempts under this option. (terms & conditions apply)

1. Professional Accountants (CA(M), CPA (M), CPA (Aust), AICPA, ACA, ACCA, ICMA and AIA)

2. Chartered Secretaries (ICSA & Fellow of MACS)

3. Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)

4. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

5. PhD (Business, Accounting or Economics)

6. Masters (Business Admin / Finance / Economics / Accounting) from accredited universities

7. Islamic Financial Planner (IFP)

* Personal finance related experience can be in any of the following areas: insurance, mutual funds, securities, asset management, accounting, estate planning, banking, taxation, trusts, retirement planning and financial planning and must be within the 5 years prior to application

11. I have a master degree, can I apply for challenge status and start from module 4?

Yes, if your master degree is in business administration, finance, economics, accounting and you have at least 3 years of finance related working experience at the time of application. For more information on challenge status, you can refer to “Entry requirements” in CFP course profile.

12. Can I study all CFP modules concurrently?

Candidates can study all modules concurrently, but only allow to take the exam for next module after you passed the previous module exam.


For example,
i. Candidate only allows to take CFP module 2 or CFP module 3 exams after passing module 1 (except for those who apply for module 1 exemption)

ii. For candidate who passed CFP module 1, he/she can take CFP module 2 and CFP module 3 exam concurrently, or choose to either CFP module 2 or CFP module 3 exam only.

iii. Candidate who wanted to sit for CFP module 4 exam must passed all exams in previous modules.

13. How do super early bird, early bird and standard course fee applies?

We will have some offers for candidates who register ahead before our course starts, call us for more information!