Admission: Candidates can select any of the 3 options below to complete the certification programme.

Candidates without any relevant qualifications are required to undergo the full certification course, comprises Module 1 to 4.

Effective from 1 January 2014, the entry requirement for the CFP certification program in Malaysia will be a Bachelor Degree.

Interested participants without a Bachelor Degree but with a minimum SPM qualification with 5 years of full time working experience in the financial services sector can register for the program if they pass the Prior Learning Recognition Assessment conducted by FPAM.

Beginning 1 January 2015, members are required to sit for the whole certification course, which comprise Module 1 to 4.

Below are the 4 Modules in the certification course:

Module 1 – Foundation in Financial Planning and Tax Planning
Module 2 – Insurance Planning and Estate Planning
Module 3 – Investment Planning and Retirement Planning
Module 4 – Financial Plan Construction and Professional Responsibilities

Degree holders who possess any of the following qualification are exempted from the following modules:

FiMM active member who has passed ‘CUTE’ examinationX
FiMM active member who has passed ‘PRS’ examinationX
Registered Financial Planners (MFPC) HolderXX
Shariah Registered Financial Planners (MFPC) HolderXX

Successful applicants must attend the Tax Planning workshop before registering for further modules of the certification program.
Applicants are advised to seek approval for modular exemption as early as possible.

FPAM has approved certain qualifications and/or professional credentials as fulfilling the education requirements and members who are eligible can apply to FPAM for approval under the challenge status. Under this challenge status, the approved member is only required to sit for Module 4, by completing a 60 hours classroom – based lectures to be followed by 6 hours of Module 4 examinations similar to the examination offered in Option A.

Members having the following qualifications and/or professional credentials and have gained 3 years of personal finance related experience are eligible to apply for the challenge status. This challenge status is only open to Malaysians.

Candidate must fulfill all the following requirements :

1. Qualifications:

  • Professional accountants (MIA, CPA(M), CPA(Aust) , AICPA , CA , ACCA, CIMA and AIA)
  • Company Secretaries (ICSA & Fellow of MACS)
  • Chartered Financial Consultants (ChFC)
  • Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)
  • Doctorate in Business Admin , PhD (business, accounting or economics)
  • Masters (Business Admin /Finance /Economics/Accounting) from accredited universities
  • Islamic Financial Planner (IFP)

2. Members must have gained 3 years of personal finance related experiences at the time of application where such experiences gained can enhance the candidate’s ability to apply the financial planning process to meet consumer needs. This experience can be gained in one or all of the following areas: Insurance, mutual funds, securities, asset management, accounting, estate planning, banking, taxation, trusts, retirement planning and financial planning.

3. Each member is entitled to a maximum of three (3) consecutive examination attempts only for the challenge status commencing immediately after obtaining approval from FPAM. After the 3 attempts or non attempts, they must enroll for the normal certification examinations.


Members who wish to seek approval for partial exemptions under Option B or challenge status under Option C must complete and submit the relevant forms and documents to FPAM.

The request for approval must be accompanied by an Application for Trade member form together with payment ( if applicant is not currently a member) as FPAM will only grant approval to members only. The Education Provider cannot approve members eligibility for Modular exemptions under Option B and / or challenge status under Option C. Working experience from present employer must be under the employer’s letterhead.

Those seeking for exemptions or challenge status must apply at least one month before the registration for any examination. Applications for exemptions or challenge status must not be submitted together with your examination registration form. Failure to comply will result in your application not been processed in time for your next examination.

If you require any further information on CFP Course,  please do not hesitate to contact us.